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Customise Your Content

Build a custom content marketing workshop just for your employees and internal teams in Singapore or regionally. Select only those modules that match your specific learning requirements, or create your own modules together with Quantico’s content marketing instructors. Organise a content marketing session that is uniquely one-of-a-kind, purpose-built purely for your institution and brand.

Tools of Mass Creation

One Size Does Not Fit All. Customisation begins with an introduction to your organisation’s activities and objectives, and how our knowledge and experience can realise your learning goals and KPIs. When building a course just for your learning needs, we commit to creating a session that will be of utmost benefit for you. This means building a content marketing course for you from scratch. From experience, we know that a past workshop will not necessarily work for one organisation just because it worked well for someone else. Every workshop we create is as unique as the training and learning requirements of each organisation and each of its members. This is our commitment to delivering excellence on an individual scale.

Common Issues. Unique Solutions. Custom content marketing courses are typically completed in one to two days. However, just because the course ends does not mean learning stops. From experience, we know many of our course participants will have key questions that will come up days or even weeks after the content marketing course has ended. Quantico’s learning system is purpose-designed to accommodate post-course questions and module support long after the course has concluded. We not only create a course with you, but also a community in which your members have a forum to keep the conversation going. Through telephone and conference calls, Skype, social media channels, and email, our community with you not only continues but grows and thrives in real-time.

Content Marketing Course Statistics

385 Entities

Number of organisations we’ve directly worked with. These include government and public agencies, NGOs, registered charities, academic institutions, and Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations. (Recorded data source December 2017)

18 Countries

Countries in which Quantico’s associates have worked in. These include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, The Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, China, Japan, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Canada, and The United States. (Recorded data source December 2017)

99.4% Rating

Current cumulative participant satisfaction score with Quantico’s courses. This includes ratings collected directly from participants as well as from available private and public third-party reviews. (Recorded data source December 2017)

>6000 Hours

Research hours accumulated studying communication theory, building original content models, and publishing authority works, books, research papers, and digital publications. (Recorded data source December 2017)

Practise The Practice

Content marketing specialists are just that — special. The nature of content marketing compels its practitioner to create and consume simultaneously. We are patients of our own practice, commissioned to create content that must first inspire ourselves and our organisations, and then our publics. Internalising this principle is critical to building a successful strategy. This principle is at the heart of every content marketing course we create at Quantico for you.

Customised Courses FAQs

How many people do I need to customise a content marketing course for my organisation?

There is no lower or upper limit to the number of participants when organising a custom content marketing course. From experience, we’ve found the idea range to be between 5 to 10 for smaller groups who require greater individual attention, and between 15 to 30 for larger groups whose members are spread across several cities or countries.

Typically a course can accommodate up to 50 people. Beyond this, the ‘course’ format is no longer efficient, and a ‘seminar-style workshop’ format is more appropriate. Though we always provide recommendations on optimising your group sizes, ultimately the delivery method of each course is up to each individual organisation’s unique preferences.

How do you charge for custom content marketing courses?

Pricing for custom courses is contingent on a few primary factors, including location (local or overseas venues) number of days for your course, and whether certification is required for each attendee. If overseas travel and lodging is required the charges are naturally higher to accommodate these arrangements. Likewise, if an organisation requires Quantico to organise an external venue (retreat-style for example) and equipment for training, there are additional costs.

Courses conducted anywhere in mainland Singapore and Sentosa do not incur any additional charges, unless the organisation requires Quantico to make such arrangements. However, in most cases organisations arrange their own venues and equipment. Secondary factors such as group size, and post-course tutorials have little effect on the price. Where feasible, Quantico provides a single, cumulative price that encompasses all itemised services — primary and auxiliary — for conducting a custom content marketing course.

Can you accommodate one or more half-day courses instead of full-day sessions?

Yes, with a caveat. Typically courses are one or two full days, from 9:00am to 5:00pm with lunch and brief recesses. In some cases though, organisations request for two or three half-day sessions. This is absolutely fine and will generally not affect the price of training, so long as your content marketing course is held within mainland Singapore and Sentosa. For courses conducted overseas, we recommend not stretching the course beyond three days.

Nonetheless, each organisation possesses its own requirements and resources for such contingencies, and such factors are therefore determined on an individual basis with you.

Do you conduct examinations for certification? How does certification work?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, Quantico creates every course within a strict training framework that meets international standards of quality. Within this framework exists the apparatus for ensuring this quality is delivered to every participant, either through examined modules, or by ongoing assessment and feedback over the duration of the course. Organisations can choose to incorporate certification into their custom content marketing courses for a nominal administrative fee.

Note the difference between ISO-certified status, which Quantico possesses, and course certification which Quantico awards. The certification that course participants receive is for content marketing competency, and is administered by Quantico. Participants do not become ISO-certified. Quantico, as an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, provides training and certification that is developed within the globally accredited framework of ISO. Certification by Quantico is therefore a meaningful document that attests to each participant’s knowledge of the subject matter, and confirms that such accreditation is developed and recognised within a qualified and approved training framework.

Note also that course quality and learning standards are independent of certification and will be delivered to the highest standards regardless of external factors. Choosing to add or remove certification has no bearing whatsoever on the quality and materials of the course itself. Certification is merely an additional layer of recognition for organisations to consign to their attending employees.

What language is the content marketing course conducted in?

English is the lingua franca for all content marketing courses in Singapore and overseas, including in India and China. Most of Quantico’s instructors are well-versed in one or more Asian languages besides English, but this is generally insufficient in courses like content marketing where the material can at times demand extreme specificity in definitions. In such cases knowing Mandarin, Malay or Hindi, for example, comes in handy but only as support for the main points. English is still the primary language for delivery.

From experience, most participants have sufficient or full fluency in English and keep up perfectly well with the course contents. In few cases arrangements have been made for a professional interpreter to tide over participants with limited command of English. This situation is rare and involves additional resources, but the option is available for any participant that requires it.

Do you conduct this course in other countries besides Singapore?

Yes, but mostly as overseas private training sessions for organisations and government bodies, with the exception of India and Brunei. Quantico is a Singaporean company. Our head office and the majority of our training facilities are based here and regular public runs of the content marketing course take place in our Singapore offices. Several regional and trans-continental organisations choose to travel to Singapore to attend Quantico’s courses.

However, a number of companies and public agencies do requisition customised versions of our courses and workshops in their home countries, for their own employees and internal teams. Consequently, much of our training does take place in other countries, but mostly as private workshops. We have made our ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ and ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ courses available in limited public runs locally within India and Brunei.

Are you able to deliver custom content marketing courses online?

Yes, and we’ve done so on numerous occasions with resounding success. Quantico is one of the very few content training firms with the technical expertise to not only provide seamless online training, but also to develop the technologies and eco-systems in-house through which we deliver our courses. In 2014 Quantico’s tech team created its own online learning application for course delivery.

We currently use this pioneering platform for organisations running cutting-edge versions of browsers and broadband systems. In locations where such technology is less prevalent, we easily utilise several industry-standard platforms, from Adobe Connect™ to GoToMeeting™.

In each case, we will recommend the most suitable learning styles that fit within your e-learning environment. A significant part of our mission is to make top quality learning easily accessible to all parts of the globe, and we work hard to cross barriers, physical and electronic, by consistently operating at the confluence of knowledge and technology.

My team is not sure where to focus our content training efforts. Do you offer any guidance?

Yes, we absolutely mandate an audit meeting occur before commencement of any custom workshops and courses. Often entities will expect specific course modules to meet pre-defined goals and KPIs, yet without proper knowledge of what constitutes each module, the risk of missing these targets is high. Quantico has been extremely successful at helping organisations avoid this common pitfall through our two proprietary tools: Q-Audit, and Pre-Surveillance.

The former examines an organisation’s latent content strengths, pinpointing areas that are either overlooked and underdeveloped. Q-Audit brings these qualities to light for organisations to quickly embrace and nurture these strengths. The latter analyses gaps in the organisation’s strategies — incomplete or missing knowledge that is necessary for content vitality and effectiveness. Once the two phases are completed (typically ranging from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the organisation’s and team’s size) only then is a proposal finalised and pricing agreed on.

I have additional queries.

Please get in touch with Quantico directly. When you call or email, you will be put through to the course convenor (the person who will actually build, deploy and facilitate your customised content marketing course). As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, and recipient of the SAC Star, Quantico provides an uncompromising level of assurance and quality on the advice you receive when you get in touch with us. Click the ‘Contact’ link at the top of this page or call us at +(65) 6573 7370 to speak to a course convenor.

Which Workshop Works Best?

Your workshop needs to match your skills requirements. Use the tool below to find out which workshop is most suited to your training needs. Recommendations are compiled from data gathered from existing workshop profiles and third-party trend sources, and is subject to change.


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