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Content Marketing Course Singapore

Quantico’s flagship Content Marketing Course offers comprehensive instruction in content creation and content curation methods for social media and branded storytelling professionals. The course curricula and length target a range of proficiencies, from social consumption trends, to advancing journalistic reporting practices, to enhancing the lifespan of branded content effectively across media channels. This course takes an intellectually rich approach by blending academic andragogy with substantive industry experiences and applications for local and regional government, commercial, and charitable units.

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Course Overview

Recorders & Responders of Social Stories: Connect your content to your markets. This Content Marketing course delivers intellectually rich and stimulating modules that broaden your skills in content creation methods, and deepen your understanding of content consumption practices in commercial, public, and non-government sectors. The aim of this course is to provide long-term career opportunities for communication practitioners to excel in writing and curating branded stories across local and global communities.

Fee & Subsidy
S$980.00 (nett)
IMDA Subsidy (+)

2-day course
9:30am – 4:30pm

Conducted in English. No prior knowledge is assumed; however executives with two or more years of experience managing / leading media and brand campaign projects will find this course particularly beneficial.

In-person training
1:7 tutor-student ratio

All stationery and notes
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Content Marketing courses are conducted several times a year at Quantico’s training facilities at One Fullerton, Raffles Place, Shenton Way, United Square, Robinson Road, Collyer Quay, and Asia Square.

Embedding Social Messages

This course teaches participants how to embed social messages into wider communities by blending storytelling techniques into the daily routine of writing for different audience segments, media types, and technology channels.


Course Topics

What are the big questions this course answers? In an epoch of near-instant communication, the medium of content marketing is asynchronous — people react to incoming messages at their time, not the sender’s; society’s digital repositories are, in fact, instantaneous recorders (though not necessarily responders) of information awaiting delayed consumption. Our technologies are evolving independent of our networking habits, and as a species we’re used to instantaneous interaction, yet as a digital race we no longer respond in real-time, most of the time. Current tools of the digital epoch — WhatsApp, Messenger, email and texting — are also the norms of asymmetrical social exchange. In essence, therefore, if societies respond to content at their own schedule, then editorial calendaring, campaign KPIs, and feedback expectations need re-thinking.

Day 1: Social Media
Building content marketplaces
Audiences Personas and Segmentation
Aligning content to sales funnels
Getting into the mind of a storyteller
Journalistic approaches to content
Formats and ideation processes
Establishing yourself as a thought leader
Establishing yourself as a thought owner
The content lifecycle approach
Journalism or Marketing methodologies
Responding through rich media
A blog, a website, a forum, a philosophy
Plugging social mobile channels
Native advertising: what and how
Forms + functions + frameworks
Offline content marketing

Day 2: Branded & Corporate Storytelling
Fitting local content into global cultures
Writing for global communities
Influential content assets
Content usability and experiences
Content + Intent + Context = Meaning
Content fungibility
Content marketing in mobile spaces
Auditing and curating content
The perpetual omniscient point-of-view
The linguistic social medium
Gathering and replying to replies
Counting first impressions
Demystifying emotional appeal
Data-driven content measurability
Content Marketing in 2020 and 2025


Evaluation-based Research Training (ERT) used in this course helps participants pinpoint, analyse, and understand the impact of their content decisions on audience receptiveness and brand perception.


Course Schedule

International quality standards: Quantico’s Content Marketing course is developed and administered within the parameters of the highest certification framework to meet international standards of academic delivery and learning excellence. Quantico is a Singapore-based company and an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation. This certification specifically extends to developing and delivering training, and also to publications from material and project research.

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Content Marketing Course (Sep 2019)
Content Marketing Course Singapore

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Content Marketing Course Singapore

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Content Marketing Course Singapore

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Content Marketing Course Singapore

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Content Marketing Course (Jan 2020)
Content Marketing Course Singapore

Globally Needed Skills

On completion of this content marketing course, participants will normally have acquired substantive knowledge and needs-based career skills required to create quality content for complex global marketplaces and digital realms.


Course Enrolment

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