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Introduction to Content Marketing Courses + Workshops Singapore.

Connect your content to your markets. ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ offers intellectually rich and stimulating modules that broaden your skills in content creation methods, and deepen your understanding of content consumption practices in commercial, public, and non-government sectors. Learn how to write and distribute branded stories across a range of relevant social media channels that appeal to both users and consumers.

Content Marketing as Social Bazaars.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be about marketing your content. Think of content marketing as building a marketplace in which your content thrives and drives social interactions. Content marketing is a people-driven affair, often times comprehensive but not always conclusive.

Practitioners of content marketing quickly learn content marketing’s central role to cultures of communication, and communication of cultures. For organisations, this is a pivotal principle since a brand is both physical information and a mental representation of that information. For this reason content marketing is extremely useful because it brings congruence to this principle.

Content Marketing as Editorial Responses + Responsibilities.

In the epoch of instant communication, the medium of content marketing is asynchronous — people react to incoming messages at their time, not the sender’s; digital repositories are in fact instantaneous recorders of information awaiting delayed consumption. Our technologies are evolving; our networking habits are revolving.

As a species we’re used to instantaneous interaction, yet as a digital race we no longer respond in real-time, most of the time. Current tools of the digital epoch — WhatsApp, Messenger, email and texting — are also the norms of asymmetrical social exchange. If societies respond to content at their own schedule, then editorial calendaring, campaign KPIs, and feedback expectations need re-thinking.

Content Marketing as Social Communications + Communities.

Content marketing is logically experimental — a priori and posteriori practice that involves intuition and information. It is simultaneously a science and an art, therefore a craft, that posits how people shape and are shaped by the forces of social communication. Content marketing is a practice and a principle.

To rive this essence and favour formulae over foresight is ill-advised, since the spirit and practice of content marketing are contiguous components. Learning content marketing is an interdisciplinary pursuit, one that particularly favours continuous cross-pollination of distinct subject areas: mathematics and home decor; coding and copywriting; geography and typography; physics and philosophy. Fundamentally because content always exists to convey itself to its creators and its creators to their consumers.

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