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Quantico produces written, visual, and technical content experiences for governments, businesses, and charities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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Since 2005, we have been building bonds between brands and buyers. Our collective experience made us a leader in the field; today, it’s keeping us ahead of it.

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Quantico’s proprietary R.E.A.D.Y. framework keeps your project on track throughout the copywriting pipeline, from initial discussion to post-delivery support.

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From .COMs to .GOVs we have been establishing and expanding the reach of the world’s best and brightest brands around the world.

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How brand copywriting works
Brand copywriting works best when your project needs to prove its value in a marketplace cornered by monopolistic claims over qualities like self-expression, climate awareness, or well-being.

When brand copywriting is used
A big high-street fashion retailer, for instance, might create a loyalty club where membership only targets select groups with tightly-defined profiles. Brand copywriting appeals to exclusive tribal aspects of consumer loyalty, and so does not necessarily conform to any existing social norms.

Brand copywriting services
Exhibitions and events
Taglines and naming
Websites and apps

How business copywriting works
Business copywriting works best when your project performs in service-ethos markets, where features are overlaid with strong appeals to rationale and credibility.

When business copywriting is used
An events provider, for instance, will want to weave staff reliability, equipment quality, and experiential formality into its seminar and conference facilities. Copywriting priority therefore is given to zero-cost high-value benefits that reside above basic brick-and-mortar features.

Business copywriting services
Annual reports
Brand manuals
Tender writing

How consumer copywriting works
Consumer copywriting works best when your project performs in experiential markets, where prices are decided by perceptions rather than market forces.

When consumer copywriting is used
An automobile maker, for instance, may promote maximum comfort, low fuel consumption, and cleaner emissions. Buyers across income brackets will prioritise each benefit differently. Consumer copywriting addresses each of these concerns via a series of nano campaigns written to target each bracket.

Consumer copywriting services
Brochures and posters
Social media writing

How technical writing works
Technical writing works best when your project needs to inform and educate, then to sell, since target audiences are typically experts in the field and value expression over impression.

When technical writing is used
A logistics company, for instance, will want to differentiate itself by integrating knowledge of customs and trade law into its delivery services, to build more trust with its consumers. Technical writing prioritises facts over flashiness, focusing on knowledge and information to satisfy industry expectations.

Technical writing services
Editing and proofreading
Media releases
White papers

Made in Singapore, making it everywhere…

Deepa Vijayan

Arjun Khara

James Félix

Jens Uwe Parkitny

Joshua Kalinan


From the founding team at Expedia and Singapore’s Silent Heroes Awards, to PhDs, world record holders, and panelists on the Singapore Writers Festival, our team comprises notable academics, researchers, and business leaders at the top of their fields. Meet the team [+]


We are part of the Centre for Communication and Information Literacy [+] based in Singapore. We conduct courses and research on copywriting, content marketing, and branded stories. The work feeds our content capabilities and increases value for our clients.


Every member at Quantico is carefully handpicked for their ability to make real, rigorous, and reliable differences to the work we do and clients we serve. Learn about who we are and what we do [+].


Since 2005, we have meticulously assembled the strongest possible combination of talents and personalities to create world-class results for the world’s best minds. Discover a copywriting career with us [+].

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Changi Airport Group
Marina Bay Sands
Ministry of Communication and Information
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Manpower
National Arts Council
National University of Singapore
Singapore Airlines
Supreme Court
Workforce Development Agency

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Hello efficiency…meet accountability

Every copywriting project is unique, as are the challenges and victories that will inevitably accompany each phase. A process framework puts your needs (expressed and unexpressed) in perspective by providing a roadmap towards ultimate success. Quantico’s proprietary R.E.A.D.Y. framework keeps the project on track, from discussions to delivery.

R.E.A.D.Y. considers each phase, whilst also working concurrently across your entire project. Throughout the project, R.E.A.D.Y. constantly measures all KPIs and identifies any unforeseen obstacles. We share this data with you at the post-delivery phase to further streamline and optimise future writing projects.



• set timelines
• identify audiences
• establish budget
• set KPIs


• conduct research
• confirm strategy
• prepare drafts
• check KPIs


• gather feedback
• apply strategy
• prepare revisions
• check KPIs


• finalise proofs
• submit copy
• co-ordinate launch
• check KPIs


• measure results
• share findings
• close project
• assess KPIs

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