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Content Counts

A person typically spends 177 minutes a day consuming content on mobile devices. How much are they (and you) spending on yours? Learn how to make your content count — to the communities and the channels that matter most to you. Welcome to Content Marketing, Quantico’s flagship content marketing course in Singapore and the ASEAN.

[*Data and metrics source: Micro-Moments: Winning The Shift To Mobile (2017) Adams, Burkholder and Hamilton K.]

Access the knowledge and skills to connect your content with your audiences and markets. ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ offers intellectually rich and stimulating modules that broaden your skills in content creation methods, and deepen your understanding of content consumption practices in commercial, public, and non-government sectors. Learn how to write and distribute content across a variety of relevant channels that appeals to both users and consumers alike.

Content Marketing Course Clients

Changi Airport
McCann Group
Standard Chartered
Trend Micro

Content Marketing Course Outline

‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ imbues participants with the twofold skills to create high-quality content, and high-priority marketplaces in which to build communities around your content. The course focuses on case studies and contextual examples of content marketing within Singapore and the world. The two-day course invites participants to draw on the substantial experiences of the course instructors, as well as their own examples to challenge extant content practices and create unique content marketing campaigns specific to their own organisations and aims.

The course threads a variety of topics, from social participation and digital communities to broader environmental and cultural issues that influence consumers every day. On completion of this content marketing course, participants will normally possess a deeper appreciation of the embedded themes, thoughts, and theories that ground content marketing as a subject and as an approach to communication.

• Content marketing as process, practice, and performance indicator

• Awareness of ‘content to people’, and ‘content through people’ models

• Understanding of consumer attitudes to online and offline content

• Cultural connections that transcend physical regions and markets

• Access to content scopes and scales that determine user experiences

• The Gestalt principles of proximity, colour, shape, and direction of content

• Abilities to distinguish between noticeability and memorability of content

• Strategies that move organisations from thought leadership to ownership

Content Marketing Course Utility

Course Aims

The topics offered at the ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ course are significantly focused on the rules and tools of content creation and distribution. You will learn how to think about content marketing as both, a process (single-dimensional content marketing), and as a framework (multi-dimensional content marketing) in which to build further processes and themes relevant to your organisation and industry. Much of the course is directed towards learning to write workable content strategies and presenting these across print, digital, and VR / AR channels.

Course Applications

‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ courses are conducted onsite at Quantico’s training facilities at Raffles Place (Singapore). The course was developed from live content marketing projects and consumer research conducted within Singapore, ASEAN, India, China and Australia. The course therefore integrates examples and case-studies (past and live) mainly from Singapore and Asian markets, though the skills learnt are applicable to any region and native social cultures.

Course Methods

‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ course utilises a highly progressive form of learning. Session sizes are deliberately kept small, at a maximum ratio of 1:8, to maximise individual attention over the two days. Rather than teaching from a fixed one-size-fits-all curriculum, each course module is specifically selected — from a vast library of topics — to be relevant to each individual participant / organisation.

In your enrolment form you have the option of adding specific topics and areas of interest you feel will be of most value and appropriate to your learning requirements. As a result, each session is broadly customised to its attending participants, and no two runs of the ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ course are ever identical.

Course Layout

Public runs of the content marketing course are typically conducted over two days, starting at 9:30am and ending at 4:30pm, with extra personal question time after the course for those who require it. The lunch break is approximately 60 minutes long and typically involve a short project or live research assignment within a public space next to your Quantico training facility.

This hybrid mix of session learning and real-world observations stimulates vivid discussions and insights into the actual workings of content marketing and it impact on live audiences. Following completion of the course, participants are invited to Qrowd, Quantico’s academic support community for lifelong learning beyond the workshop. Qrowd is free and for life. You can find more information on Qrowd here [+].

Social Bazaar

Content marketing doesn’t have to be about marketing your content. Think of content marketing as building a marketplace in which your content thrives and drives social interactions.

[*Data source: Quantico (London): Making The Case for Content Markets in Asia and Europe (2018) Vijayan, Deepa.]

Content marketing is a people-driven affair, often times comprehensive but not always conclusive. Practitioners of this trade quickly learn content marketing’s central role to cultures of communication, and communication of cultures. For organisations, this is a pivotal principle since a brand is both physical information and a mental representation of that information. Content marketing is useful because it brings congruence to this principle.

Content Marketing Course Standards

‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ is developed and administered within the parameters of the highest certification framework to meet international standards of academic delivery and learning excellence. Quantico is a Singaporean company and an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation. This certification specifically extends to developing and delivering training, and also to publications from material and project research.

Quantico also possesses the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) star, accredited together with ISO, for every workshop and publication. Every course at Quantico is consistently audited by both internal and external monitors to ensure compliance with global quality standards, so you receive best-in-class training. This is why Quantico’s clients — from governments to Google — comprise the world’s best and brightest minds.

Quantico is a top quality training firm because we insist on top-quality certification, and top-quality instructors and researchers. Quantico has one of the highest grades of instructor experience in content in the world. Our team (100% in-house) is comprises entirely of award-winning teachers and researchers who train, conduct research, and consult for governments, global organisations, NGOs, community agencies, and public and private institutions.

Quantico has an unsurpassed standard of service. Each instructor has minimum 10 years working and teaching in their respective fields and specialisms. From personalised chats with every delegate, to lifelong follow up for all post-workshop participants, every instructor keeps in regular contact with their delegates to ensure learning and module applications from the workshop are working well for you and your organisation.

Quantico content marketing certification for ISO 9001:2015

Content Marketing Course Modules

• Building market places and palaces for content

• Audiences: Content Personas and Segmentation

• Aligning content to sales funnels

• Getting into the mind of a storyteller

• The journalist’s approach to content marketing

• Formats and idea creation for content markets

• Establishing yourself as a thought leader

• Establishing yourself as a thought owner

• The content lifecycle approach

• Journalism or Marketing: Which works best?

• Beyond text: Responding through rich media

• A blog, a website, a forum, a philosophy

• Plugging into social media and mobile channels

• Native advertising: what it is, and how to use it

• Forms + functions + frameworks

• Digital goes print: Offline content marketing

• Fitting local content marketing into global cultures

• Writing for global communities

• Influential content assets

• Content usability and experiences

• Content + Intent + Context = Meaning

• Content fungibility

• Content marketing in mobile spaces

• Auditing and curating content

• The perpetual omniscient point-of-view

• The linguistic social medium

• Neuro-content-marketing

• Gathering and replying to replies

• Counting first impressions

• Demystifying emotional appeal

• Data-driven content measurability

• Content Marketing in 2020 and 2025

Content Marketing Course Details

Course Features

In-person, onsite public workshop within Singapore, conducted in module-led tutorial groups.

Course Fee

S$980 (nett) inclusive of all taxes, administrative fees, learning materials, stationery provisions, and post-workshop support.

Course Duration

2-day course, typically on Wednesday and Thursday, from 9:30am to 4:30pm (with a 60-minute recess) at a Quantico Training Facility at Shenton Way (Singapore CBD) and/or at Quantico’s Collyer Quay Centre.

Course Delivery

In-person tutorial / module system with assignment and certification. Instructor to student ratio is 1:6.

Trendy Traditions

In the epoch of instant communication, the medium of content marketing is asynchronous — people react to incoming messages at their time, not the sender’s; digital repositories are in fact instantaneous recorders of information awaiting delayed consumption.

[*Data source: Society & The Internet: The Relational Self-Portrait (2014) Hogan, B and Wellman B.]

Our technologies are evolving; our networking habits are revolving. As a species we’re used to instantaneous interaction, yet as a digital race we no longer respond in real-time, most of the time. Current tools of the digital epoch — WhatsApp, Messenger, email and texting — are also the norms of asymmetrical social exchange. If societies respond to content at their own schedule, then editorial calendaring, campaign KPIs, and feedback expectations need re-thinking.

Content Marketing Course Schedule


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Jan 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Feb 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Mar 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Apr 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (May 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Jun 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Jul 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Aug 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Sep 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Oct 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Nov 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed


Content Marketing Course Singapore (Dec 2018) 8 Shenton Way #34-00 068811 Singapore Quantico Training Centre – CBD
Status: Confirmed

Content Marketing Course Suitability

What does the ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ course teach? Simply put, ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ is a course on content marketing. The term ‘content marketing’ is widespread in both social and mainstream channels, and a tendency therefore exists for popular media to dilute and skew its meaning through misinterpretation, overuse or misuse. Within a professional communications context, content marketing is the practice of creating, sharing, and communicating content to communities and marketplaces with the intent to capitalise on recognition, reputation, memorability, sales, and social discourse. Such a broad definition, when taken out of context, easily overlaps other related but distinct fields including copywriting, technical writing, social promotion, and marketing. ‘Introduction to Content Marketing’ is a professional course on the theories, processes and best-practices of content marketing in Singapore and across the region.

Is content marketing the same as copywriting? No. Copywriting is just one of several functions of content marketing that include design-thinking, web-development, search engine optimisation, brand communications, and social campaigning. If content marketing were compared to an orchestra, copywriting would be the brass and string sections, for instance. Copywriting is a critical component but its not the full show. Just as an orchestra’s conductor may come from any of the sections, a content marketing professional may possess specialist knowledge in the field of copywriting but would still have to be an expert of all the other parts. This course teaches you what content market is, how it works, and how to use the principles and practices of content marketing to integrate its most powerful components into cohesive, functioning units of communication. If your purpose is specifically to learn copywriting, consider attending the ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ course [+].

My job involves pushing out social media posts and updates. Is this considered content marketing? Yes, with a caveat. Social media posts form a significant portion of the activities that come under content marketing. However, not every social media post correlates to content marketing. The difference is in the intent of the post. For instance, an update on Facebook about a new beach resort or insurance plan does not necessarily correspond to the professional definition of content marketing. If the purpose of the post is simply to inform and educate users, then the post is an example of technical writing. Similarly, a blog entry containing poems or opinions constitutes expressive writing. The difference lies in the intention of the content creator to actively share content for the purposes of recognition, memorability, sales, and marketplace discourse. This course teaches you how to write content on social media for content marketing purposes and objectives. If, however, your primary focus is on web-writing techniques, consider attending the ‘Introduction to Web-Writing’ course [+].

Content Marketing Course Funding

Grant Categories

Quantico offers several grants and funds to specific participants. These disbursements fall into four broad categories and within local and/or overseas contexts: the PIC Scheme administered by the IRAS; the Silver Scheme for pioneer generation attendees, the National Service and Uniformed Groups Scheme, and the internal subsidy scheme for gazetted non-government organisations and U.N. agencies.

ISO 9001:2015 Framework

Quantico does not accept the SkillsFuture Credit by the WDA (Singapore) for courses, workshops and training. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, Quantico’s courses are regulated for absolute consistency and standards across all our markets — local and overseas. Therefore, while we are a Singaporean company, we cannot implement any one country’s local certification framework in other countries and states in which we operate.

Current Subsidies

Participants can apply for their own country’s local schemes administered independently by their respective agencies, such as the PIC scheme in Singapore. Other subsidies accepted at Quantico that are favourable to Singaporean candidates include the Silver Scheme and NS scheme. The uniformed groups and NGO / UN subsidies are open to all nationalities subject first to prevailing rules and regulations set out by the government of Singapore. In certain cases, Quantico provides 100% internal subsidy and/or fee-free enrolment to applicants with demonstrable reasons and valid circumstances.

Fee Waivers

While most of our clients and participants are either self-funded or on subsidy from government grants, there are a number of entities who require funding but do not qualify for such disbursements owing to special circumstances. In these unique situations Quantico provides some form of internal subsidy or disbursement, including airfare and accommodation in addition to course fee waivers, to deserving recipients to attend and complete their course(s).

Structures of Power

Content marketing is logically experimental — a priori and posteriori practice that involves intuition and information. It is simultaneously a science and an art, therefore a craft,
that posits how people shape and are shaped by the forces of social communication.

[*Data source: Quantico (Singapore): Content Can’t Be Mastered With Either Luck or Logic (2017) Khara, A.]

Content marketing is a practice and a principle. To rive this essence and favour formulae over foresight is ill-advised, since the spirit and practice of content marketing are contiguous components. Learning content marketing is an interdisciplinary pursuit, one that particularly favours continuous cross-pollination of distinct subject areas: mathematics and home decor; coding and copywriting; geography and typography; physics and philosophy. Fundamentally because content always exists to convey itself to its creators and its creators to their consumers.


Content Marketing Course Enrolment

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